Created in 2001 by a pool of oceanographers, SAT-OCEAN has built its know-how on a solid scientific background. Satellite experts, physical oceanographers and weather specialists are contributing since a decade to the development of state of the art current, wind and waves hindcast and forecast systems, yielding concrete foundations of the services provided today.

From the beginning, SAT-OCEAN has put great efforts into satellite data processing. Sticking to ground truth is our daily objective :  we consider this approach as the baseline to build relationships of trust with our clients.

Based on the metocean information produced, we are designing value-added products dedicated to routing, drilling, seismic and renewable-energy related services.

As an answer to our customer's end-users constraints and requirements, our services are easy to use, efficient, “software-free” and fully web-delivered.

Historical studies and operability statistics
Our experts provide design figures to help planning offshore operations and gain a thorough understanding of Metocean conditions on site. Our service includes:

        • 3D current, wind and waves information and statistics based on the most               recent 2 to 10 years
            • A PDF report for each of the variables (3D ocean current, wind and waves)
            • Statistics are also made available in spreadsheets

Typical applications include operations planning, riser & rig design, field development studies, downtime analysis or pipe laying, ocean current-wind-waves data mining for renewable energy related operations (site selection).

Metocean forecast service

Our reports include current, wind and waves forecasts such that risks offshore can be assessed and operations in real time optimized. As part of the service, we provide:

            • Local absolute 2D and 3D ocean current forecast (not only tides)
            • Wind and waves forecast
            • Daily weather bulletins

Route recommendation

SAT-OCEAN provides an innovative routing service enabling for significant savings. 
It takes advantage of our very high resolution current forecast (in addition to our wind and waves) to minimize transit time and fuel consumption. 
Towing companies (rig/FPSO mobilization, moves, new builds), heavy lifters, tankers or container-carriers have been calling on our service for 10 years.
SAT-OCEAN Seismic service

Based on SAT-OCEAN very high resolution ocean currents (down to 1/64th of a degree), we deliver worldwide a high level real time forecast service dedicated to offshore seismic surveys optimization.
 Provided streamer depth ocean current and feather forecast, our clients:

            • Calibrate their racetrack strategy on our current forecast trend
            • Reduce their infill, anticipating currents and consequent feather
            • Reduce time filling holes
            • Secure close-passes

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